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Sunninghill, Sandton

sunninghill sandtonSunninghill is a suburb of Sandton situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. The N1 freeway forms the southern boundary of this prestigious commercial and residential suburb. Sunninghill is accessed at the Rivonia offramp of the N1 freeway. Sunninghill is one of few areas in Johannesburg where a residential and commercial sector co-exist rather successfully. Some residents have the benefit of working where they live, which is seldom the case in Johannesburg.

Sunninghill has numerous secured townhouse complexes which are popular due to their lower costs and better security compared to individual housing property. Generally Sunninghill is inhabited by skilled young adults working in the financial, legal or consulting type industries. You don't move to Sunninghill to get away from it all, rather there is a sense that you are closer to the pulse of the busy city, and it is attractive to younger adults working in Sandton or Midrand particularly. Departing quickly for a weekend away is not difficult, particularly since they built the K60 through the centre of the suburb that helps ease traffic a little. Sunninghill might once have been on the 'edge' of development, but in recent years, where open land once existed, there has been continuous development.

Sunninghill is home to the Sunninghill Hospital, which is one of the better established hospitals in Johannesburg. Many of South Africa's large corporations are also based in Sunninghill such as Eskom, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Unisys.



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