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Killarney, Sandton

killarney sandtonKillarney is a suburb of Sandton situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. The first film studios in South Africa was located in Killarney and the suburb used to be known as the Hollywood of Johannesburg. Killarney was also home to the first shopping mall in Johannesburg. This part of the city is without doubt the more sedate side of Johannesburg and large properties have been popular with consulates, particularly given the quick access from here to Sandton and the fact that it lies just on the fringes of the city centre.

Killarney has undergone something of an overhaul recently, particularly as it became fairly popular with young urban professionals of all races who like the proximity to Parktown, Braamfontein, Rosebank and Sandton. If anything, these days it has more of a cosmopolitan feel to it, in line with the original 'vision' for Killarney and the neighbouring suburb of Riviera as a 'mini-Manhattan. Today Killarney is quite the 'inner-city' trendy suburb and many of the large apartment-style buildings here boast incredible art deco details that have been well maintained and lend credibility to this 'vision'.

Killarney currently is home to consulates, tall residential buildings and a golf course. There is a large Jewish and Muslim community in killarney and the suburb has a jamaat khana and a synagogue.

Killarney Mall is one of Sandton’s most established shopping centres, offering inspired choices for those who welcome a myriad of possibilities, from beautiful products and great shopping to aesthetically appealing spaces in a unique environment. The mall caters for its community with an array of convenient services and is constantly evolving to meet the individual needs of its shoppers. Served by easy access from the M1 highway, Killarney Road and Riviera Road, Killarney Mall parking is well patrolled by security on a 24-hour basis. Killarney Mall houses three floors of Office Suites as well as a Medical Mews, over and above its retail offering. The Houghton Post Office is situated in the mall and has over 3 500 post boxes – connecting people through the distribution of information, goods and financial services.


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