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Johannesburg Zoo - Johannesburg

johannesburg zooThe Johannesburg Zoo is one of the most popular local and tourist attractions situated in the leafy northern suburb of Johannesburg. The Zoo covers 81 hectares of land and was founded in 1904, as a piece of land donated to the public for recreational use by the firm of the late Hermann Ekstein.

The Johannesburg Zoo houses over 320 species of animals, totaling about 2000 animals. The Johannesburg Zoo is open to the public 364 days a year, including Christmas, New Years and Easter holidays. The zoo is internationally accredited and highly respected for its husbandry practices, which includes maintaining a high standard of animal welfare, nutrition and ethical conduct, ensuring the physical and psychological well- being of all its animals.

The Johannesburg Zoo is committed to playing an important role of conservation projects of both indigenous and worldwide endangered animals.

As a popular tourist attraction, the Johannesburg Zoo has many fun offers to visitors such as various night and day tours, school holiday programmes, venue hire and regular events for the public. The Johannesburg Zoo is an entity of the City of Johannesburg and also a section 21 company. In order to maintain and improve the everyday running of the Johannesburg Zoo, we appreciate private and corporate sponsorship and donations. Programmes which assist in our ongoing fundraising efforts include the 'Adopt an Animal' and annual membership.

In 1904, the land which the Johannesburg Zoo encompasses was donated to the people of the city of Johannesburg to be used for recreational use by the firm of the late Hermann Ekstein. Hermann Eckstein was involved in the development of the new mining town of Johannesburg, He had three million trees planted in an area which he christened Sachsenwald, now the suburb of Saxonwold.

For much of the twentieth century, the Johannesburg Zoo developed and many facilities were built, for example the hospital in 1936. The zoo also went through some difficult periods where the animal collection was diminishing and not growing.

Public perception of the zoo changed in the 1960's where visitors wanted to see animals in larger, more natural enclosures. This was the start of the zoo's long term plans to grow and improve the facility for both the animals' and the visitors. These changes saw the upgrading and creation of old and new enclosures, development of education and environmental programmes and the zoo becoming part of local and international breeding programmes.


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