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Freedom Park, Pretoria

freedom park pretoriaThe Freedom Park opened its doors in December 2007. Located on a 52-hectare site on Salvokop Hill at the entrance into Pretoria from Johannesburg, it is regarded as one of the most ambitious heritage projects the government has invested in; an attempt to encapsulate the heart and soul of South Africa in a physical space. The park is established on the cornerstones of human dignity, rights and freedom and reflects the sacrificial achievements of the nation.Freedom Park is the creation of a memorial that narrates the story of South Africa’s pre-colonial, colonial, apartheid, and post-apartheid history and heritage, spanning a period of 3.6 billion years of humanity, to acknowledge those that contributed to the freedom of the country. It is also home to the Wall of Names - an awe-inspiring structure (697m), inscribed with the names of those who died during eight conflicts within South Africa’s history.

The Freedom Park is home to a vast wall commemorating those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom, an eternal flame paying tribute to the unknown and unsung heroes and heroines, a gallery dedicated to the legends of humanity, a symbolic resting place for those who have died, the story of Southern Africa’s 3.6 billion years of history.

There are numerous symbolic elements that make up the Freedom Park, including an eternal flame and tall metal reeds that encircle the park, reaching toward the sky which light up the silhoette of the Freedom Park at night. Other elements of Pretoria's Freedom Park include:

Wall of Names - a 697 metre long wall which lists the names of those people who died during eight historic conflicts in the history of South Africa. Of the 136 000 spaces available, some 75 000 names have been approved for inscription.

Isivivane - a spiritually symbolic area made up of 11 boulders placed in a circle, representing the 9 provinces of South Africa, as well as the national government and the international community. It is said to represent the symbolic burial place of heroes and heroines.

Pan African Archives - a collection of research material about the history of South Africa and its struggle for freedom. Included in its material will be documentation as well as digital archives of audio, visual and text resources.

Moshate - a presidential and diplomatic hospitality suite which incorporates African architecture and will be used to host special occasions.

Gallery of Leaders - an exhibition of local, continental and international leaders who contributed to freedom and humanity.

The struggle for humanity and freedom is the core theme embedded in the Park and symbolises the universal connections among South Africans of all backgrounds and ages. These connections are expressed through the elements that constitute Freedom Park.



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